My work on leadership is underpinned by in-depth research, giving it substance in a field where opinion and buzzwords are often a substitute for data-based research and rigorous thinking. In the course of writing my books I interviewed more than 120 CEO’s for their wisdom and learning, measured the skills of 2000 senior managers and surveyed 8,000 workers on what it takes to be inspirational.
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Research into “Purpose”
My  research into purpose taps into the strong, current and growing debate on this subject among businesses, their stakeholders and observers.  I set about identifying and researching the key criteria which are essential for a thriving and purposeful organisation.
Research in to “Charisma”
After three years of research, I have identified the five essential character traits of charismatic managers. These are people who bring out the very best in others because of their ability to use their charismatic skills to motivate others to high performance. They are not born with it – they learn the skills which make them charismatic. My research also identifies the dark side of charisma, and how some people can have warped charisma. The book is due out early in 2020.