Kevin displays that rare ability and desire to really get to know you, to understand your business, culture and your challenges. He has been instrumental in helping me to articulate our strategy in a way that will help us align and inspire all our people and give the company strong direction for years to come. His ongoing coaching helps me deal with a wide variety of issues and enables me to be more inspiring.

Working with Kevin has enabled me to deal with a hugely challenging new role. In addition, his consulting interventions produced really high quality outcomes in a limited period of time.

Unearthing our True North with Kevin has been a fascinating, challenging, iterative process in which he involved everyone across my leadership team, helping to create buy-in. He drew key insights from rigorously immersing himself in our business. As a result, his coaching has helped me to articulate a powerful vision for our company in the region, in line with our global vision. This new thinking has been invaluable in helping us make key strategic business decisions, and inspiring and engaging our teams throughout the organisation.


Kevin Murray’s purpose and passion is to help create better leaders who are more inspiring.  He does this by helping them to be more effective communicators who can truly engage their teams, and all external stakeholders.
Better leadership delivers more highly engaged employees. More highly engaged employees deliver faster income growth, better productivity, performance and profitability, greater customer satisfaction, more Innovation, as well as fewer accidents, less sickness and less staff turnover.
We have never needed motivational leadership more. Yet research shows there is a growing gap between bosses and employees when it comes to perceptions of inspirational leadership. Why? Because few leaders are taught the critical communication skills that enable them to be inspiring.
Kevin can help.
He has been providing executive coaching for leaders and leadership teams on communication for the past three decades.
He covers all aspects of consultancy in communication and leadership, working with CEOs and Divisional MDs, and their executive teams:

  • Individual executive communication and coaching
  • Development of a corporate vision and long term ambition
  • Values and behaviours, defining or refining existing
  • Employee engagement
  • Beliefs and POV development
  • Personal brand and communication styles
  • Designing cultural change and transformation programmes
  • Communications strategy and planning

Who needs Kevin Murray’s help?

  • New leaders, new management teams
  • Leaders developing a new strategy
  • M&A, de-merger discussions
  • Engagement, alignment issues
  • Lack of long term ambition & vision
  • Divisional leaders articulating their own vision as part of a Global picture

He has interviewed more than 100 CEO’s for their wisdom and learning, measured the skills of 500 senior managers and surveyed 4,000 workers on what it takes to be inspirational.
Kevin has worked across a wide variety of sectors and geographies, often having to counsel leaders on how to deal with significant challenges, including, sometimes, global crisis management.
As a consultant in Chime Communications plc, he has worked with clients such as BSkyB, Gazprom, Fujitsu, SABMiller, Airbus, Lloyds TSB, McLaren F1, Emirates Airline, Vauxhall, British Gas, Permira. the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Adobe, and Allen & Overy, in nearly every case, at CEO or Chairman level.
Previously he was the director of communications for British Airways and, before that, Director of Corporate Affairs for AEA Technology, the business that was floated off from the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority. Prior to AEA, he was Group Public Relations Manager for Bayer companies in the UK. Bayer is one of the world’s major chemicals-to-pharmaceuticals companies.
He started his career as a journalist on The Star newspaper in Johannesburg, South Africa, including stints as Chief Crime Reporter, Foreign Correspondent and News Editor.