PUBLISHED! The skills you can learn to motivate high performance in others.

Kogan Page, my publisher, today sent me this photo of my new book, which they will use for posters and promotions. Why? Because the book has officially gone on sale today, February 3, and is finally available online.
It will be available in key bookstores in early March.
It marks the culmination of years of thinking and research, and I couldn’t be more delighted.
Ann Francke, CEO, Chartered Management Institute, said this about it: Charisma is oft regarded as a ‘you’ve either got it or you don’t’ kind of thing. Kevin’s new book shows how everyone can master the skills of charisma to boost their effectiveness, impact and enjoyment at work.”
Said Fields Wicker-Miurin, co-founder and partner, Leaders’ Quest: Charismatic Leadership is a treasure trove of tips, written in a punchy, easy to absorb style, that allows the reader to take stock, reflect and experiment with the insights Kevin shares. A book to enjoy!”
Here’s why I think it might help managers everywhere.

  1. This book examines all aspects of charismatic leadership and makes it easy for managers to learn the skills that will power up their own charisma and make them more motivating and effective.
  2. In it, I argue that charismatic leaders have five key traits that individually or collectively make them charismatic. Each trait has a skill set that can be learned.
  3. The book looks at how every person has a different “shape” of charisma, based on their behaviours. It shows that a balanced shape is more effective than unbalanced, or “warped” charisma.
  4. It provides tools to enable people to look at their own charisma quotient, and understand what skills they have to learn or improve to be more effective.
  5. The book examines the neurochemistry of charisma, and shows how leaders have a powerful “chemical” effect on their followers, which has a far greater impact on their behaviours than managers realise.
  6. It is packed with tips and anecdotes that bring the skills of charisma to life, and makes it easy for managers to learn how to behave in ways that are seen as more charismatic by those they lead.

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