My purpose and passion is to unlock the potential in leaders to be truly inspiring. I do this by using science and stories. Data from my unique research, and stories from scores of leaders I have interviewed, help to inform managers how to be more engaging and motivating with their teams. I share what I have learned in these leadership books below, and by speaking at leadership events.

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Charismatic Leadership is a treasure trove of tips, written in a punchy, easy-to-absorb style, that allows the reader to take stock, reflect and experiment with the insights Kevin shares. A book to enjoy!’

Fields Wicker-Miurin OBE, Co-Founder and Partner, Leaders’ Quest
This book is a great read and is clear, persuasive and authentic. It immediately debunks the popular definition of charisma and replaces it with a framework that is compelling, memorable and practical.

Andrew Gardner, Chairman, Medvivo
This book will set the benchmark for leadership of the future.

Michael Frohlich, CEO, Ogilvy UK
Kevin Murray’s thoughtful and practical dissection of charisma takes the mystery out of the legend and challenges the reader to find their charisma within.

Chris Satterthwaite, Chairman, Access Intelligence
The forensic insights into leadership traits and challenges in this book are hugely impressive, but it is the clear structure that makes it so relevant and practical to anybody playing or seeking a leadership role.

Nicholas Harvard Taylor, Founder, Harvard Public Relations
Kevin Murray’s new book shows how everyone can master the skills of charisma to boost their effectiveness, impact and enjoyment at work.

Ann Francke, CEO, Chartered Management Institute

This book is about how to power up your charisma, in ways that will enable you to supercharge motivation in your team and lead them to perform at levels they never thought they were capable of.

We say that someone has charisma when they can attract and inspire people through their personal qualities. We think that this is a special power some individuals have that makes them able to affect and persuade others. But this is simply not true. Everyone is capable of developing charisma, because it stems from skills you can practise and apply. These skills will make you more inspiring, trustworthy and influential. Charisma is something you learn, not something you’re born with.

“Charismatic Leadership” will show you how to be a powerful influencer among your peers, colleagues and customers. You’ll learn why charisma is a vital asset in any organization, understand its essential components, know how to avoid the dark side of charisma and be able to measure and understand the shape of your own charisma in order to grow your charismatic presence. Using charisma effectively will help everyone perform at a high level. This book will show you how.

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A treasure chest of precious stories and ideas that will be of enormous value to all who read it for many years to come.

John Heaps, Chairman, Eversheds LLP
When Kevin Murray introduces you to the findings from his CEO interviews and decades of practical experience, you begin to realize how much the success of leaders depends on their ability to manage relationships and to use communication as a tool to inspire and motivate. He provides lessons for everyone who is a leader, who strives to become one or who supports leaders.

Rainer Ohler, Group Communications Director, Airbus Group
Murray uses his own analysis and experience as a business coach to put forward a compelling case for leaders to improve their integrity and communication skills....There are many books on the theory of communication, but this one details what actually works in practice. Murray's questions to the leaders provoke honest and implementable actions for others to follow in this highly readable book.

Edge Magazine
I have just read one of the most inspirational leadership books for a long time. The Language of Leaders by Kevin Murray examines how top chief executives communicate to inspire, influence and achieve results.

Caroline Shaw, Chief Executive, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust
A revealing glimpse into the minds of men and women who fill the papers and are responsible for over 2m jobs. In an overcrowded field, this is a book about leadership that offers rare insight. Not only thanks to the wealth of interview material, but also thanks to the intimate nature of their answers.

City AM

The difference between competent communication and inspiring communication can be the difference between poor performance and outstanding results.
The traditional model for what constitutes a good manager is changing and CEO’s and HR professionals now say the ability to understand, motivate and inspire others is the characteristic that is most important when recruiting senior leaders. Based on original interviews with an extraordinary list of 80 top leaders from a wide range business sectors, The Language of Leaders provides a unique insight into how they have responded to the demands of a transparent world, reports on what they have learned, and creates a lexicon for successful communication.

Their message is resoundingly clear – communication in leadership is a now a crucial top three skill of leadership. It is only through mastering this skill that leaders can have effective communication with people within and outside an organization and ultimately build trust – the essential pre-requisite of success.

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Kevin Murray is among the most thoughtful and thought-provoking business thinkers now publishing books and articles, when not helping corporate clients to improve their communications and expedite leadership development.

Robert Morris, leadership commentator
This book should really come with a profit warning: reading it, embracing it and implementing the ideas could seriously impact positively on your organisations profits!

Sir Eric Peacock CMG DL
This guide is relevant to leaders, but perhaps more importantly, if you weren't a leader before reading it, doing so would certainly put you in a position to become one.

Gina Nelthorpe Cowne, MD of Kruger Cowne talent management agency
The title of this book Communicate to Inspire is a bit misleading as I initially thought it was about communication. Well it is but it is also one of the best books I have read this year on inspirational leadership.

Gary Metcalfe FCMI, FIC
I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who wants to build his communication skills with both internal and external stakeholders. It is highly readable and practical and will no doubt repay its cost many times over.

Bob Bullivant, director of Annuity Direct
Kevin Murray's aptly titled, Communicate to Inspire: a guide for leaders, is a quick read but a book that you could easily find yourself referring to time and time again. Readers might be hard-pushed to take in the vast amount of information presented as almost every paragraph contains applicable material that any modern leader should ultimately strive to use.

Gina Nelthorpe Cowne, MD of Kruger Cowne talent management agency

To be successful, leaders must inspire others to achieve great results. How well you perform as a leader will depend on how well as a leader you communicate – but few leaders are taught the critical communication skills that enable them to be inspiring. To be inspiring, you need to be more authentic, more empathetic and more engaging. You need to learn how to tell stories and how to truly listen. You need to understand why you should stand up for your compelling point of view, and be hyper-aware of the unconscious signals you send. You need to learn how to articulate an inspiring vision and how to lead the critical conversations that change everything. Together, this mix of communication skills can provide the super-fuel that will enable you to be hugely effective.

Communicate to Inspire is an essential manual for any aspiring leader, answering the key question: If you want to be a better leader, how do you communicate in a way that inspires? Kevin Murray presents 12 clear principles of leadership communication and how they contribute to trust, engagement, relationships and reputation. Drawing stories from the successful coaching of CEOs and decision makers from a wide range of global organizations, the author examines and analyses key successes (and failures) in the leadership process and provides a unique and successful model for developing your own leadership skills. Be the inspirational leader you want to be.

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I have never been a great reader of books on management as I have always found them heavy on theory and short on real world experience. To thrive today you need people with purpose. This book shows you how effective leaders develop people with purpose. It’s not a book of theory…it’s a book of practice from the mouths of leaders who have done it. It’s a practical guide to leadership and empowerment from people who have done it. It’s a book I wish I could have read 30 years ago.

Lord Stuart Rose, Chairman of Ocado
A book full of great ideas, great examples and practical advice. This is a textbook on how to succeed as a leader in the 21st century, and is fun to read.

Paul Drechsler, President Confederation of British Industry
Kevin has once again produced a well-researched, thoughtful and stimulating contribution which enriches our understanding of good management and brilliant leadership. As Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group I would love to be able to use this as compulsory reading for all parliamentarians.

Barry Sheerman, MP, UK Parliament
Profit alone isn’t enough. People with Purpose brings alive the need for clear and consistent application of purpose, values and goals in enabling businesses to realise their potential and prosper far into the future. Kevin’s assessment is a very practical one, it draws on the experience of many business leaders and provides a framework to help leaders motivate and inspire their people. This is an upbeat book, full of insights which will be indispensable to business leaders grappling with profound changes in society and committed to building great businesses for the long term.

Ian Durant, Chairman, Greggs and Capital & Counties Properties PLC
Kevin serves up a secret sauce for 21st century business in a rich read that inspires and equips. In the process he reminds us all that even and especially in the business world, it’s our humanity that wins. This timely read advances the global purpose movement from talk to walk.

Valerie Keller, Global Lead, EY Beacon Institute, Executive Director, Global Markets, Ernst and Young

“People with Purpose” explores how great business leaders use purpose to power “super performance”. Leaders who communicate a defined mission, alongside clear and genuine values, allow their employees to feel a sense of purpose in their roles and embody their company’s vision. This inspires engagement, loyalty and higher purpose. The book brings together a wide range of compelling research into how having a clearly defined purpose as part of business strategy is a vital element in business success, longevity and inspired teams.

The book shows business leaders how to create a valuable framework that integrates purpose, values and goals on a single page in order to articulate their organization’s unique vison to employees and stakeholders. Kevin has interviewed top CEOs who have used purpose to transform performance, motivate their people, develop organizational resilience and deliver results – often from the very edge of disaster. These leaders share how they have articulated their purpose, values and goals.

“People with Purpose” also looks at the work of neuroscientists, brings together evidence from around the world that purpose powers performance, and shows why purpose matters more in a digitally connected and transparent world. More than 30 case studies are explored from exclusive interviews with Virgin Atlantic, Odeon and UCI Cinemas, Healthcare at Home, Monarch Airlines, Yodel and Moss Bros.

The text is rooted in in-depth research prepared and conducted with polling organisation, YouGov. That proprietary research methodology is now available for individual business leaders to use with their own organisations.

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