Kevin Murray
Kevin’s great strength is his ability to bring clarity and perspective to your problems and challenges. He is a great listener, but an even better questioner. He drives holistic thinking about your business and your brand with no bulls***t and enables productive action, even when it is scary.

I would recommend Kevin's coaching unreservedly. It’s not wooly; it’s the opposite of wooly. You are pinned to the wall and Kevin won’t let go. He won’t let you off the hook until I think he’s satisfied that you’ve put yourself through the mill and you’ve really got to the roots of what you believe in and what you think. He is very rigorous about that. As a result, I feel more confident getting my message across as a leader , improving the level of engagement I have with our people. With better communications skills, you create a sense of common purpose, which has a tremendous impact on peoples motivation and ultimately on the bottom line.

Working with Kevin was a great experience for me – there are so many other leaders who could benefit from his coaching. Now, I feel more confident, I look more comfortable. I communicate with passion and emotion. It has really drawn people to me. Customers and clients see me as a more interesting person for them to pursue a continuing relationship. It’s not only external – it’s the same level of engagement now with the teams inside the company I talk to every week, every day.

Kevin gave me more confidence to do what I’m doing, to be who I am. He showed me how to get people to engage, by teaching me the value of being authentic, of telling stories, of really thinking about my audience. I am actually amazed by how much they are motivated. Now, I’m definitely seeing people relating more to the change. Not just acceptance of ‘that’s what it is’ but a preparedness to look at the issues and think much more out of the box. The biggest thing is people are more willing to try and find creative solutions, to say “well can it be done better?”

When I first started working with Kevin, I thought he would be a good sounding board for some of my ideas and challenges, but I soon realised he was much more than that. He is brilliant at asking questions, which always lead me to great ideas and to solving problems – both large and small.

Kevin brings both an external viewpoint and a very pragmatic approach that is aligned and coherent with the values and realities of our company. This combination of telling us where we need to be headed but doing it in a way that will be accepted by the organisation is the best value for money a company can ask for from an external consultant. And it’s his skill (that few consultants have) of combining strategy with operational excellence that makes Kevin a real asset. I also highly appreciate Kevin because he not only delivers on ALL his promises -----but over delivers! A real gem to hang on to!

Kevin Murray’s greatest strengths are both his ability to combine detailed, structured strategic thinking, with a pragmatic outlook on life; and his senior executive coaching skills that, in my experience, are second to none. He offers strategy that not only matches the brief, but also takes ideas to a new level within cost effective, results driven frameworks.


For many years now, I have enjoyed working with CEO’s, senior leaders, and heads of communication as an executive coach.
Having worked in communications and business for more than 40 years, I brings a huge range of experience to the role of coaching and mentoring. I worked as a journalist, a consultant, a strategist, a change manager, a quality director, a communications director, a business leader, a CEO and Group Chairman.
I have had the privilege of dealing with CEO’s for more than three decades, often in situations where those CEO’s were facing extraordinary challenges.
I have worked with them to deliver huge change programmes, manage crises, improve working relationships, develop teams or help them to energise their organisations.
Clients who have worked with me say I have helped them to:
• Deliver a better performance as leaders
• Achieve their goals more easily
• Clarify issues and actions needed to solve problems
• Enhance their confidence and communication skills
• Become better listeners with greater empathy
• Improve relationships and teamwork

I have led teams for more than 35 years, from journalists to consultants, from HR teams to sales people, from divisional directors to company MD’s, and has developed a wide understanding of business, across a wide range of sectors.
I have also led individual businesses and agency groups for the past 16 years, and bring my coaching the direct experience of steering businesses through periods of boom and bust, closures and sell-offs, start ups and mergers and acquisitions, diversification and growth.
I have coached dozens of people – my own Managing Directors, as well as many in-house communication directors and, increasingly, business leaders, helping them to improve their performance and their inspiration quotients.
My leadership learning is further enhanced by interviewing more than 100 CEO’s for my books on leadership. Two of these have been finalists in the CMI Management Book of the Year awards. All are now published in many languages around the world.
My executive coaching enables leaders to be more clear about their challenges, more focused on necessary action, while also allowing them to be more authentic and more engaging. I enable clients to manage their relationships in an inspiring way, thus improving their chances of success.